Modular Housing

We provide custom built turn-key modular housing solutions to our clients as per their requirements and needs.

Our team strives in understanding the requirements of each project by thorough studies and designs to meet the expectations of the end user. Our solutions apply top grade modular housing techniques ensuring long sustainability.

Our modular housing projects are designed to meet the expectations of the client.

Our modular houses utilize top quality raw materials, excellent finishing, and professional fabrication techniques. Each project is custom made according to the specifications needed and the end use of the buildings. Whether it is lodging centres, educational facilities, administrative offices, or bullet-proofing units, the clients’ needs will be met.

Modular Housing

We employ the best manufacturing techniques to ensure prolonged structural life with great attention to finishing processes.

Special Features
Complete Delivery

Turn-Key project delivery includes communication requirements, fire and safety, as well as surveillance.

Remote Deliveries

Capability of delivering any project in any location.

Finished projects

Top quality with the best materials and finishing are a standard in our work.

Standard Features

The use of high quality decorative raw materials as per designs and clients' needs.


Calculated loads as per engineering norms and actual electrical requirements.

Standard Electrical Designs

International standards are applied where applicable such as the NATO threat protection standard.

International Standards

Only top-quality plumbing and electrical fixtures are used in all our projects.


Product Description

Steel structures are cut and formed to withstand high stress loads. Steel is painted to withstand environmental punishment. Exterior walls are cladded form the with steel sheets or cement board as needed. Insulation is placed between the steel beam any gap within the steel structure. Interior walls are always covered by high-quality wooden panels. Upon which either gypsum or other decorative material is used. Wet areas utilise ceramic tiles and are waterproofed. Floors can be ceramic, vinyl or porcelain depending on the needs of the customer and the use of the building. Fixtures used are always top grade items.


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