About Us

Trust and commitment.

Ever since the founding of the Arabian Company for Prefab and Metal Works our goal has been to continuously develop our products so that we excel and stand out from our competitors. We pride ourselves on being a national company and as such have vowed to establish ourselves as a specialized company.

Our dedication in meeting the contractual requirements of our customers, be it specifications or delivery time, has increased the level of mutual trust invested in us by our customers. This has driven the ministries, governmental agencies and various private sectors to depend on our solutions in their projects.

Part of our ongoing project is offering high quality products and services through new processes and solutions, in turn satisfying our customers’ needs.

We have proved our merit over the years; our capability and proficiency in competing in the local and regional markets has secured our contribution to the economy and the national output.


The Arabian Company for Prefab & Metal Works is considered a leader in the following solutions:

  1. Military anti-ballistic guard rooms.
  2. Civil guard rooms.
  3. Employees and consultants offices.
  4. Housing compounds.
  5. Site offices.
  6. Rest houses.
  7. School classes.
  8. Portable homes.
  9. Temporary mosques.
  10. Refrigeration rooms.
  11. Storage areas for housing electronics.
  12. Recording studios.
  13. Medical compounds and hospitality lounges.

It is to be noted that we can offer custom tailored solutions as required.



Becoming the leaders in providing highest quality solutions.



We strive to present specialized and accurate solutions through our experiences and continuous learning process. Our customers are considered partners in our projects.



Our goals are to utilize newest manufacturing processes and the best operation procedures to benefit the Saudi and regional market strategically. We aim to supply the highest quality products taking advantage of the newest tech worldwide as well as the availability of premium raw materials.